What To Know About Online Car Title Loans In Bakersfield

- You'll need to have a clear title for your car. The vehicle needs to lien free and there can't be any other lenders on the pink slip.
- The funding amount is determined by the resale value of your car. Borrow 40% to 60% using the car's equity and that leads to a loan of $3,000 to $15,000 in Bakersfield.
- Stay current on the payments and contact your lender if there's a chance you may fall behind. A car title loan repossession occurs when you default on the amount due.
- Title loans online typically have high interest rates, so you should only borrow what you need and be sure you can repay the loan on time.


Eligibility For Bad Credit Title Loans In Bakersfield

Online title loans in Bakersfield are available to anyone with a clear title for their vehicle, regardless of their credit score and you also need to verify your income with bank statements or employment details.

While a finance company may still run a standard credit check, they mostly look for active bankruptcies. As long as you don't currently have any open bankruptcies, you should be able to qualify for an online title loan in Bakersfield.


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Loan Amounts For Auto Title Loans In Bakersfield

Borrow $10,000 or more with a title loan in Bakersfield when you apply with California Title Loans! We work with local lenders in Kern County that offer cash for your vehicle's equity and you should be able to borrow cash even with a bad credit score!

There are a few ways to check your vehicle value in California. One way is to look online and get different price points from services that assess the car's price based on local sales. For those who live in Bakersfield, you can meet with a local auto dealer and get a real time quote or estimate for the car's value.


Lending Terms For A Vehicle Title Loan In Bakersfield, CA

The payment terms for car title loans in Bakersfield will vary depending on the lender. Anyone can expect a reasonable payoff term that's based on the vehicle's resale value and your ability to make monthly payments on the loan. Expect a payoff term to start at 4 months and extend all the way to 3 years in some circumstances.

Some lenders offer extended payment terms for those who need extra time to repay the loan. The more time you need to pay off the loan the higher APR you can expect.


Apply Today For Auto Title Loans In Bakersfield

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We'll do or best to get your loan processed and underwritten within one business day!

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