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Our lending experts post articles and blog posts on different topics about car title loans in CA and whether or not they're a good choice when you need fast cash. Our most recent articles explain some of the negative aspects of using your car to get funding and why you should consider other options. We also feature articles on what's required by a lender to gain approval and the latest credit requirements to get approved. Use these blog articles to better understand what you need to get a car title loan!

Your credit history and lending report won't determine your loan amount.
The fact is that you don't need a good credit score to be approved for a same day car title loan in California. Since you use the equity in your vehicle as collateral to get a car title loan online, the lender cares more about your car's condition instead of if you have bad credit. You'll still want to work to improve your score by showing an ability to repay the loan balance. By fixing your report, you can avoid high interest rates and focus more on a bank or personal loan. [...]
California Title Loans offers high loan amounts for well qualified customers.
We all know you need a car to get around in the Golden State. It doesn't make much sense for a lender to hold your vehicle as collateral when you get a car title loan. That's why reputable California companies will allow you to keep driving when you have an active loan. Before you apply with an online company, you need to find out the title loan value of the vehicle. Also, do your best to avoid falling behind on monthly payments. Most title loan companies will work with you to avoid default. But you will run the risk of a repossession if you miss monthly payments. [...]
Apply with us to refinance your existing title loan.
Written By Robert Davidson

Can I Refinance My Current Car Title Loan

Are you considering a title loan refinance to lower your existing loan's monthly payment and interest rates? Many companies will offer to refinance the current terms where you can bring down the APR to a more manageable level. Contact your lender to see if they can refi your existing car title loan. [...]
Two borrowers reading through a contract to see the lending requirements.
The documents and paperwork required for a title loan are far less than what you would expect. Most lender requirements for title loans consist of your car's title and employer information. The application process can be done online or in person, and we often see approval time's of under one hour. In some cases your car title lender will let you pick up funds that same business day. So, you can have cash in hand for your car title within a few hours if you know what the lender requires. [...]
Dashboard of a vintage vehicle
Cash out equity from an older vehicle and use it as security for a title loan. Find out how much you can get with a secured loan on a classic car! [...]
A sales rep discussing a loan payoff for a title loan.
Anyone facing a scenario where they can't afford the monthly payment on their title loan may want to consider a buyout. With a title loan buyout, you can save a large amount of money by lowering the monthly payment and APR on your loan. To get started, find a company that pays off high interest loans! [...]
A customer facing a late loan payment
Are you facing an imminent default on your title loan? Is your lender threatening to repossesses your vehicle? Luckily, you have rights in California and there are certain regulations a title loan company must follow if they want to repossess a vehicle. [...]
Salvage Title Loans With California Title Loans
Written By Robert Davidson

Title Loans with a Rebuilt Or Salvage Title

Do you own a vehicle with a salvage title? In some cases, you can borrow cash using a rebuilt title as collateral. Similar to a car title loan, you don't need good credit and loan amounts start at $2,500 in CA. [...]
No money for a title loan while bankrupt