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You may think it's easy to get approved for online loans in California, but there's a lot you need to know. You first need to see if an online car title loan is right for you. Then it's all about navigating the process of applying for and getting approved with an online title loan company. You can do this online or in person, but either way you will probably need to have the vehicle inspected by a title company representative. That sounds like a lot to navigate, but we're going to make it a bit easier for you. With our blog posting page we have weekly articles that feature different strategies and tips to make things easier. Our latest post explains some of the negative aspects of using your car to get funding. We also feature articles on what's actually required by a lender to gain approval and the latest credit requirements. Don't borrow money without being informed. Use these blog articles to best understand what you need to get a car title loan!

you can get approved with bad credit
Written By Robert Davidson

The Downside Of Taking Out a Car Title Loan

You never know when life is going to place you in a financial crisis. In an ideal situation you'll be able to fall back on savings or borrow money from a bank or lender with low interest rates. Unfortunately we're not always that lucky. Many consumers have bad credit or simply can't qualify for a low interest loan for whatever reason. In a situation like this you may want to look into online title loans. With this type of financing, you can borrow money and use your vehicle's pink slip as collateral. As a California resident, you have many funding options. You can choose from a local lender in say Los Angeles or San Diego or with with a company that provides car title loans on the internet. […]
We all know you need a car to get around in the Golden State. It doesn't make much sense for a lender to hold your vehicle as collateral when you get a pink slip loan. That's why reputable California companies will allow you to keep driving when you have an active loan. Before you apply with an online company, you need to ask them if you will keep the vehicle during the life of the loan. Also, do your best to avoid falling behind on monthly payments. Most lenders will work with you to avoid default, but you will run the risk of a repossession if you miss monthly payments. […]
review terms with online equity financing
Did you know most Californian's don't have a good credit score? It's important to have a good credit score when applying for a home loan or installment loan. But, the situation is different when you talk about car title loans and payday loans. Since you use the equity in your vehicle as collateral for an online loan, the lender cares more about your car's condition instead of if you have bad credit. While it's not critical to have a flawless credit report when applying for a loan, you'll still want to work to improve your score. By fixing your report, you can avoid high interest rates and focus more on a bank or personal loan. […]
keep your keys with a pink slip loan
We all know how long it takes to get an online application processed and approved for a typical bank's personal loan. Compare that to how the process works with a car title loan. With this type of secured loan, you can get approved with most local lenders here in California. The process can be done online or in person, and we often see approval time's of under one hour. In some cases your car title lender will let you pick up funds that same business day. So, you can have cash in hand for your car title within a few hours if you know what you're doing. […]