Motorcycle title loans have long been a great way to borrow money when you need it most. Anyone who owns their motorcycle outright and has a lien free title can apply for this type of financing. The best part is that you don't need good credit, and most companies can offer 50-60% of the motorcycle's resale value as a loan amount.

No need to use a car or other secured asset as collateral for a title loan when you have a motorcycle. We take all forms of motorcycles, and you can keep using your motorbike while you pay off the loan amount.

Motorcycle title loans are easy to get, and you can borrow up to $4,000 with sufficient collateral. Any motorcycle can be used as security and this includes Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, and Suzuki bikes to name a few. The same is true with motorbikes, including scooters and mopeds and 4 wheelers. If you have a bike with equity, we'll be able to find you a loan offer that gets you the highest amount of cash!


Requirements For A Same Day Motorcycle Title Loan

These requirements will vary by lender, but most title loan companies in California will at least ask for your motorcycle title and proof of income. Here's what else you need to qualify:

- A Class M1 or M2 licensed issues by the CA DMV

- The motorcycle must be registered in your name, and the registration tags will need to be current

- The motorcycle must have a clean and clear title with no liens, and you may also need to provide proof of insurance that covers the full replacement cost

- Even though the loan amounts on motorcycles are low, you will likely still need proof of employment. That way, you can justify the ability to pay back the amount you borrow.


Apply For A Motorcycle Title Loan Online

Contact California Title Loans at 855-339-1001 to determine how much equity you can access with your motorbike as collateral. We have to know your motorcycle's year, make, and model to put a quote together.

A customer service representative will contact you to discuss lending options after you complete the online application. We work with various lenders to find the best possible deal and ensure the highest loan amount. Most approvals take less than one business day and can be quicker if you live in California. Anyone who applies for a motorcycle title loan in California can get fast cash by meeting with a local lender to complete the bike inspection. After that, you will complete the contract and get the cash that same day!


Cash out equity from your motorbike or motorcycle.


What Else To Know About Title Loans On A Motorcycle

- Only borrow what you absolutely need and negotiate a manageable monthly payment with your lender. The more you pay each month the quicker the loan will be paid off. However, a higher monthly payment may not be an option if you're income is limited.

- The APR for a title loan on a motorcycle can be high in CA. Yes, the interest rates are capped at 36% as most of these loans are written for under $10,000. But even with an interest rate of around 30%, it can be difficult to pay off the loan quickly unless you're making double or triple the monthly payment.

- Stay current on the monthly payments to avoid a motorcycle repossession. There's always a risk of defaulting on your loan and facing a situation where your lender sells the motorcycle at auction. If there's ever a risk of default, you should contact the lender and negotiate a new payment term or ask them if they're able to refinance your current motorcycle title loan.


The benefits of using a motorcycle as collateral for a title loan

- No prepayment penalties so that you can pay off the loan at any time without additional fees

- Quick and easy application process, with most approvals taking less than one business day

- Get the cash you need fast by meeting with a local lender to complete the bike inspection

- No credit check is required, so even those with bad credit can get approved!


Apply With California Title Loans

A title loan on your motorcycle or motorbike can be a great way to get emergency cash when needed most. Here at California Title Loans, we'll take your application online or over the phone and there's no need to wait for funding with same day cash options. Call us at 855-339-1001 to see how much your motorcycle is worth!


We can offer motorcycle title loans in California with fast cash processing.