Qualify For A Car Title Loan In San Diego

California Title Loans now offers fast funding for all types of vehicles with an online title loan in San Diego! These equity loans allow anyone to borrow upwards of $15,000 with just the collateral from their car or truck. You won't even need a good credit score to qualify, and many licensed lenders can send cash by direct deposit or through ACH just hours after you're approved!


Car Title Loan Requirements in SD

To qualify for a car title loan in San Diego, you need a lien-free vehicle registered within CA. You also need proof of income with verification from your employer or bank statements. Some title loan companies will ask for proof of insurance and proof of residency in the form of a driver's license or State ID, and they may want you to complete a vehicle inspection. The inspection assesses the vehicle's value and can be completed right before you sign over the car's title to the lender.

Most 2008 and newer vehicles that are fully paid off with low mileage will qualify. However, some companies in SD County will need a car worth $6,000 or more to qualify for the lowest funding amount of $2,500.


Lending Terms And Interest Rates For Car Title Loan In San Diego

Payment terms for a title loan in San Diego differ based on underwriting standards, but loans are typically offered between $2,501 and $15,000 with repayment terms of a few months to 3 years. Online car title loans in CA for under $10,000 have an annual percentage rate of around 35%. Remember, the interest rate can go significantly higher than 30% if you borrow more than $10,000. California regulations cap the interest rates in the mid-30s for loans under that amount, but there's no limit above $10,000.

A benefit of this secured loan is that you can pay off the balance early without penalties. By doing this, you'll avoid additional finance charges, and the extra payments will save you money on interest while getting the car title back into your hands.


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Title Loans In San Diego With Bad Credit

These secured loans are available for anyone who's dealing with credit issues! California Title Loans will connect you with a local title pawn company in SD that cares more about your vehicle's equity versus your credit score! Just ensure you're working with a lender that follows applicable title loan lending laws in California.

Review the contract terms carefully, as there may be high interest rates and other finance charges associated with these car and motorcycle title loans. If the APR or fees are too high with your lender, then it only makes sense to move on and compare rates and quotes with other companies that offer title loans in San Diego.


San Diego Car Title Loans - Apply Online Or With A Local Lender

Several local lenders offer car title loans in San Diego. You can apply directly with California Title Loans to get a same-day quote with fast funding, and we will match you with one of these local licensed companies. Also, look at the many companies offering in person cash funding. It doesn't matter if you live in Del Mar, Escondido, or La Jolla; countless retail companies provide instant approval where you can get the cash sent by direct deposit hours after approval.

Apply online with California Title Loans to borrow $2,500 or more with your car's equity. The collateral from your vehicle will be enough to get you qualified, and some customers can qualify in 24 hours or less with a car, truck, or motorcycle titled in their name and proof of income! Call us at 855-339-1001 to complete an application over the phone!


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