How To Get A Title Loan In California

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California Title Loans Offers multiple ways to get quick approval with a title loan. Use our website to submit an online application, or call us at 855-339-1001 to complete the loan underwriting over the phone. Our online form takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Once you apply, you will receive a follow-up call to confirm the payment terms and detail the funding amount.

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Easy Documentation Process

You may need to submit a few documents after completing our online application. This paperwork may include a copy of your driver's license, a lien free car title, and proof of income. Some companies may want to verify your employment status and credit history. This underwriting process is quick, but issues can arise if the car is not paid off or if you have past bankruptcies.

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Get Your Money Through Direct Deposit

Getting cash for your vehicle in California couldn't be more straightforward. Once the docs are verified and the car is inspected, you can expect a final approval in minutes, and then you can ask for a direct deposit payment within one business day. The lender will need to take possession of your pink slip and verify the vehicle's condition before you get the cash.

About Us

Here at California Title Loans, we know what it takes to get approved for an online title loan in California. We've been offering access to auto title loans for over six years, and there's no reason you can't get cash if you have a paid off vehicle. Our site is geared towards consumers in CA, and we can get you qualified for the amount and terms you deserve. Explore our site and use our online resources to make an informed lending decision. Don't hesitate to ask questions about secured loans or leave feedback on how we can better help you.

Fast & Simple Title Loans Online

It shouldn't be challenging to get an auto title loan in California. However it helps to know the lending requirements and what you can do to increase approval odds. That's where California Title Loans comes in! We help customers better understand what it takes to get approved, and our expert agents know what's needed to get your loan funded quickly. Underwriting for title loans is far different than if you were looking for a payday loan or cash advance. The approval process is easier to follow once you know what types of vehicles can qualify. Use our lending resources to increase your knowledge about everything related to online lending in California. We can get you approved for a title loan near you!

Quick Approval For An Online Loan

Quick Approval For An Online Loan

Unlike bank loans, you can get guaranteed approval for car title loans in less than 24 hours. Most companies will call to verify information upon receipt of an online form or application. At this point, they can issue preliminary approval contingent on vehicle inspection.

Bad Credit Is Ok With Car Title Loans

Bad Credit Is Ok With Car Title Loans

Bad credit is not necessarily a problem with car title loans in California. Most lenders value other aspects while underwriting your loan. These include employment history, vehicle condition, ability to repay the balance, and the equity available in your car.

Payoff Your Loan Early With No Penalty

Payoff Your Loan Early With No Penalty

A legitimate car title loan lender in California should let you pay down the balance anytime without a prepayment penalty. An early payoff can save you a significant amount over the entire lending term that otherwise would have been used on interest.

 Keep Driving Your Car In California

Keep Driving Your Car In California

Nearly all title loan companies in California will let you keep possession of your car during the life of the loan. Be sure your lender is one of these companies! Read the contract and ensure they don't put a tracking device on your car.

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Title Loans In California - Common Questions

Where in California can I find car title loans near me?

You have options to get a title loan in California. You can apply online for a loan based on your vehicle's equity. Or call in and speak to customer service. You can also apply for a secured loan with a licensed direct lender near you, or ask friends or family for a loan to avoid a high APR. After finding a lender, you can decide on the minimum loan amount and the monthly amount to pay.

What documents do I need when applying online?

It's most important to grab your vehicle's pink slip. You'll also need your driver's license information and relevant vehicle information. Some companies will require information relating to past loans and current employment and references from family members or your employer. Contact customer service about the loan application process for a detailed list of required documents.

Do I need a vehicle to be approved for a title loan?

Yes, you will need proof of vehicle ownership to get a title loan. It's a problem if you can't find any record that details the current status of your vehicle's ownership situation. Sometimes you can see this information online. Most DMV's in California will let you look up lost details, but it could take a while for them to send the pink slip. Good luck getting an appointment in Los Angeles or the Bay Area! You can always take out an online payday loan if you can't find your vehicle title.

Can I keep my vehicle if I take out a car title loan?

Most large title loan lenders will let you keep driving the vehicle. Some title pawn companies will need assurances and may require a GPS tracking device, but typically the pink slip will be enough security for them. Lenders know you can't get to work and repay the loan with no car! Check with your lender to ensure that you'll keep the vehicle for the life of the loan! You must make your monthly payments on time to avoid any chance of losing your car to a repossession.

Can I get a title loan with bad credit?

You don't need good credit to qualify for an online title loan in California and that's because these loans have high interest rates of nearly 40%. You still need to disclose your credit history on your loan application; some companies may have issues with multiple loan defaults or recent bankruptcies. However, most lenders are ok with bad credit as long as you're employed with a lien free pink slip.

What's the time frame for online approval?

Companies that offer car title loans can get you approved within 24 hours. This means they will process your application and visually inspect the vehicle. Once they've signed off on the loan, you can expect funding within one business day. Applicants in metro areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco can also contact local lenders. By doing this, you can meet face to face and better understand how online title loans work in California.

How does a title pawn work?

A title pawn functions like a typical car title loan, where you can get funds with just your car title. A title pawn allows you cash out equity from your vehicle; all that's required is you hand over the auto title as collateral for the loan. With most auto pawns, your lender will be noted or authorized as the lien holder and hold on to the title for the life of the loan. They will return the pink slip to you once the title pawn has been paid off.

What are the income requirements for a title loan?

The minimum monthly income required for a title loan will vary by state. It's around $1,500 in California and can be more for more significant loan amounts. You will need to prove that source of income and show employment records or other proof of how you get paid. There are always exceptions to the income requirements; you can substitute with other income sources like retirement or disability.

  • Interest rates of 26 to 36%
  • Loan amounts of $2,500 to $10,000
  • Payoff times of 12 to 48 months