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We're here to help you stay informed about title loans in California.  There are always new changes that affect lending in this state.  Whether it's regulatory changes or industry changes, it's important to know what's happening.  We provide this information so you can make an informed decision when it comes to applying for your loan.  There are many options available and it's important that you make the best decision.  Our goal is to make sure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of vehicle equity financing in California.  The benefits are obvious.  Start with getting quick cash and having poor credit doesn't mean you will face a rejection.  The drawbacks are lesser known but important.  Missing a payment can lead to repossession.  Interest rates and fees on California title loans are sky high.  Take these things into consideration when debating your financial options.

Are you looking for equity financing for your boat or motorcycle?  That's no problem.  There are many lenders all throughout California that provide title loans based on the equity of your boat or motorcycle. In addition to vehicle equity loans, we can find other sources of financing if a pink slip loan isn't right for you.  Do you live outside of California?  We'll point you in the right direction so you can better understand how title loans work in your state!

Use our resources to make the best decision.

Getting a title loan in California isn't always the best decision.  There are plenty of other options available to most consumers that would be better than taking out a vehicle equity loan.  Use our site to make the best decision for your lending needs.

We try to update this site every few days.  We aim to provide California residents with the latest news and information about regulations.  However, we can't always ensure that our information is accurate or up to date.  We're not here to provide legal advice and we strongly recommend that all visitors seek out an attorney if they have specific legal questions.  As will all important financial matters, check with your state regulator before signing off on an online car title loan in California.  State legislation is always changing so familiarize yourself with the current rules regarding California title loans.