Get A Car Title Loan In Long Beach CA

If you're considering a car title loan in Long Beach, there are a few things to consider to get the best terms and APR.

First, work with a company like California Title Loans that can match your request with multiple companies in your neighborhood. That way, you can find a direct lender near you and get the best interest rates.

Also, having poor credit is not a big deal, as most title loan providers base your underwriting on the car's equity, not your FICO score.

You can still find car title loans in Long Beach with reasonable rates and terms, even with a poor credit score. The loan amount is primarily based on your vehicle's equity value, so apply with a lien-free vehicle worth $2,000 or more.


Requirements For Car Title Loans In Long Beach

You must own your vehicle outright to be approved for a car title loan in Long Beach. The car needs to be in decent condition with under 200,000 miles. You should probably bring the vehicle in for a quick inspection to confirm it runs okay and has no exterior damage.

The pink slip has to be in your name with no liens against it, and you can't have any cosigners or anyone else that can claim the vehicle as theirs. You need proof of employment, full insurance coverage, valid vehicle registration, and a valid driver's license in CA. Some lenders in Long Beach will also require proof of residency with a mortgage statement or rental agreement.


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Loan Amounts With A Car Title Loan Company

Loan amounts from a title loan will depend on the car's current resale value in California. Expect to borrow 35 - 50%  of the wholesale value of your vehicle from an equity loan. Loan amounts between $2,501 and $15,000 can vary and depend on the car's condition and other factors, like the current resale figures for comparable sales in Long Beach. Cars are worth more than ever, and you may be surprised to see how much equity has been built up with your vehicle!


The Interest Rates And Fees For Title Loans In Long Beach

Interest rates in Long Beach range from 30-36% for title loan amounts under $10,000. Some lenders may also charge additional fees, such as a processing fee or prepayment penalty. Be sure to ask about all costs before taking out a title loan so there are no surprises at any time.

As with any high interest secured loan, it's best to shop around and compare terms and fees with multiple companies. That way, you can find the best deal and even get your current finance lender to lower your rate based on loan offers from other companies.


Why Consider A Car Title Loan In Long Beach

Our customers take out a title loan for various reasons, with the most common being that they're facing a financial crisis. The cost of living in Long Beach is very high, and monthly rent in areas like Belmont Heights and Naples can break the bank. Not only that, but payday loan offers within Los Angeles County are limited, and sometimes, the only option is to pull cash out of your vehicle.

No matter where you live, you should have no trouble finding a title loan company and getting your funds that same day. Lenders in Signal Hill and Bixby Knolls offer same-day approval and funding, so apply now with California Title Loans to get your cash!


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Get Started Now On An Application For A Long Beach Title Loan!

Are you ready to see how much money you can get with an online title loan in Long Beach? Apply online with California Title Loans or call us at 855-339-1001 to complete an application over the phone. One of our agents will contact you a few minutes after applying to confirm the vehicle info, finalize the lending info, and get you an initial estimate. You could have cash in hand in as little as 24 hours from now!


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